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About Us

Center for Health and Healing  

At the Center for Health and Healing, we want to help you achieve your optimal health. As a functional medicine center, our goal is to get to the cause of a problem, not just treat symptoms. That’s why we use a whole-body approach, including the many systems that work together to keep you healthy.


Dr. Dady and her staff are experienced and knowledgeable, but they are also truly compassionate about what they do—dedicating themselves to helping you reach your personal health care goals. After a thorough assessment, we work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs and goals so you can make the necessary changes from your present lifestyle to a healthier way of living.


We use whole-food  supplements, herbal remedies along with life style changes to restore your health and prevent disease  for our functional medicine patients. For our chiropractic patients, Dr. Dady practices full-spine, Thompson Technique, cold laser, physical therapy, and myo-fascia release to help restore function to the nervous system and spine.


 "Treating symptoms with prescriptions simply puts a band aid on the problem. I work to get to the root cause and uncover the actual reason you are having these symptoms.”

Dr. Laurie Dady, BS, MS, DC.

Dr. Laurie Dady is the founder of the Center for Health and Healing. With passion and a gift for getting to the cause of an illness or condition, she works closely with patients to promote wellness, create hope, and improve health and healing. Her favorite part of her job is “watching my patients transform their lives from feelings of hopelessness to feelings of joy, wholeness, and wellness.” 


Here is just one example:

“A young mother brought her 11-month-old daughter in with foot and mouth disease. The pediatrician had nothing that would help…she felt hopeless. I used three oils on her daughter, and within 15 minutes, she was running around the office like nothing was wrong. It was a sight to see!”


An accomplished athlete, Dr. Dady received the title of 'All American' in Track and Field and competed in the 1984 Olympic Trials as a heptathlete. She has been practicing chiropractic for 20 years, opening her own office in Marietta, Georgia, in 2000. In her career, Dr. Dady has had 5,100 hours of chiropractic training and 4,500 hours of instruction in functional medicine. 


In 2009, Dr. Dady became certified in Nutritional Response Testing. She also had the opportunity to study countless hours in restorative endocrinology under the direction of Dr. Janet Lang, a true pioneer in this ever-expanding field.

In addition to other athletic accomplishments, Dr. Dady has won countless titles as a professional, all-natural body builder, including WNBF, Ms. World, Ms. International, and Ms. Universe. She promoted and ran her own bodybuilding show, the Southern National Bodybuilding Championship, for six years.


Dr. Dady graduated from Auburn University in 1989 and Life University in 1994. She lives in Marietta, Georgia with her spouse and their two dogs, Augie (Catahoula/Blue Heeler that would be a fantastic outfielder for the Atlanta Braves) and Izzy, a Pomeranian that is arguably the ONLY Pomeranian that can retrieve a Frisbee (learned from Augie, or course). She enjoys weightlifting, yoga, woodwork, and spending time with family at Christmas.


"I walk the walk and talk the talk. I would not expect patients to do anything I would not ask of myself.  Overall, it's about having a balance of nutrition, exercise, and meditation. When you know better, you do better, and I will teach you how to move better, eat better, and live a healthy life."                                                                                                                                   - Dr. Dady

Nancy Troutt


From teenage years to present, Nancy finds joy in caring for others. She has held positions as a teaching assistant for handicapped & mentally challenged children, group manager for emotionally disturbed adults, and is certified as a nursing assistant for the elderly. Nancy became intrigued in the healing benefits of massage when she noticed range of motion, increased circulation, and an increase of activities of daily living when working with the elderly. Nancy's positive attitude, thirst to know more, and enthusiasm for massage is clear upon your very first session with her.

Nancy is licensed and certified in:

Oncology Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports and Swedish Massage.

She is currently in the process of obtaining certification in Pregnancy Massage and will be certified as of 5/28/18.

In her downtime, Nancy likes time with her family as well as practicing yoga. She also enjoys any outdoor activity, whether it's hiking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, you name it, Nancy's doing it!

Nancy Schreiber


Since 2005, Nancy Schreiber has been managing the office, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. She manages patients, inventory, and vendors, writes care plans, and handles insurance and payroll. She also stays up to date on supplement protocols, knowing what each product is used for.


What makes Nancy good at her job? She manages to balance the many hats she wears each day, sometimes wearing 4 or 5 simultaneously.  She considers herself a good listener, remembering the little things people say. Nancy truly enjoys the relationships she builds with patients and loves “knowing and believing that the holistic and natural way we practice can help them.”


​Nancy is avid lover of the outdoors, weight training, and (hot) yoga. When she’s not in the gym, or hiking a trail, or in the yoga studio, she enjoys cooking. She believes healthy food can taste great and strives to make her food not only taste good but look like art on a plate! When time allows, Nancy loves a good book and dreads when it is coming to an end, so she limits herself to only a few pages each day to make the story last.  


Nancy’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because “It causes me to pause and think about all I am grateful for and the wonderful people who have enriched my life…I also enjoy the fact that my family loves the Thanksgiving meal I make, insisting it be the same each and every year.”  She has loved being a mom to her two children, Nick and Paula, who are now grown and “productive members of society and who have compassion and kindness for their fellow man or woman.”