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Immune Support

It’s Time For A Little Immune Support!

Other Immune Support Echinacea is the obvious choice for long-term support, however, it does not have as profound of an effect for acute illness as it does for enhancing long-term immune health. The Andrographis Complex contains some Echinacea so you don’t have to supplement with any additional Echinacea. Additional immune options could include:

  • Some kind of probiotic – The innate immune system has a direct interface with the gut microbiome so adding a pre- and probiotic is always a good idea. If using ProSynbiotic, I would dose it quite high. Or you can choose another probiotic supplement that has a more potent and varied profile of microbes to help enhance immune function.

  • Cod Liver Oil – Vitamins A & D are very important for immune function and both can be found in Cod Liver Oil.

  • Immuplex – As rich source of nutrients, this supplement is like a multivitamin for the immune system!

  • Cataplex A-C – also an amazing product for immune support due to its vitamin A and C content.

  • Cayenne Pepper – This is an excellent choice for the person who was not able to knock out the infection within the first 12 hours or so. It increases circulation and can provide a warmth for the patient who feels chilled.

We provide patients with an “Immune Support Kit” containing Andrographis Complex, Congaplex, Garlic Forte and Immuplex. This allows them to have exactly what they need to get a jump start on anything that might be trying to take hold.

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