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Supporting the Stress Response If we only deal with the symptom of insomnia without addressing the root cause, we would be doing a huge disservice to our patients. In almost every case where insomnia is involved, there has been a history of prolonged stress. Our first thought is most likely to recommend the Adrenal Tonic to help support the adrenal system however in many cases, I have found that providing just a single bottle of Ashwaganda does a phenomenal job of reducing stress. Blood Sugar Support Low blood sugar is a common reason for interrupted sleep. If the patient reports tossing and turning during the night, inquire further into their dietary habits at dinner and during the evening. They may be having a sugary snack after dinner or skipping dinner entirely and just snacking throughout the evening. Try to eat a very small snack shortly before bed which should include some kind of animal protein, a healthy fat and a fruit or veggie. An example might be three bites of chicken breast, 1-2 small carrot sticks and 4-5 cashews. Adding in three A-F Betafood® along with the snack will encourage glycogen storage and subsequent stability in fasting glucose levels. Other considerations could include Diaplex® or Gymnema. For more help ask me when you are in the office to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Dr.Laurie Dady

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