Midnight in the Gut Garden of Good and Evil Bacteria


As humans, we are walking hosts for thousands of species of bacteria–mostly in our guts. This isn’t all bad. In fact, many species of bacteria are essential to our health, helping our bodies do things it may not effectively do on its own, such as aid in digestion and protect us from intestinal illnesses. But there are also a number of bad bacterias which, if left to their own devices, can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy bodies and exacerbate existing conditions while preventing effective treatment. Research is increasingly proving that our guts are the hub of health and a very delicate ecosystem balancing the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. Sure, it is easy for most folks to equate abdominal or digestive complaints with poor gut health, but researchers are finding that bacterial imbalances of the gut contribute to many more health issues than previously thought. Autism, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s–patients with these medical conditions have all been found to have different gut flora than patients without these conditions. But it doesn’t stop there–many other conditions have links to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, undergrowth of good bacteria, or both. Further research is underway to discover exactly how these conditions are linked with gut flora, but shouldn’t you do everything you can to ensure your gut garden is growing good stuff instead of bad stuff? We can help you “weed and feed” your gut garden so you can enjoy better overall health!

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