Autoimmune disorders are diseases of the immune system. They manifest in different ways, but all behave very similarly in the sense that the immune system becomes confused and begins attacking the body’s healthy tissues mistaking them for foreign invaders.

Due to the lack of understanding of these diseases, conventional medicine works to treat the particular organs affected rather than viewing them all for what they are: diseases of the immune system. Therefore, there is no unified branch of medicine for these autoimmune conditions.

Instead, patients are given referrals to specialists that are trained in specific organ systems. This strategy, of course, brings patients further away from treating their body’s immune system, resulting in a vicious cycle.

It is common for those that suffer from autoimmune challenges to see a number of specialists for each of their symptoms. Some specialists include:








Physical Therapists

While these professionals provide an important service and are adequately knowledgeable in their specialty, there is a good chance they are not equipped to address the need of truly supporting the immune system.

Fortunately, functional medicine doctors do not wait for the label to begin combating autoimmune challenges.

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