The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic Massage

A customized form of bodywork, lymphatic massage may help the lymph system do its job better.

Lymph vessels are found throughout the body, most of them are located just below the skin. These fragile vessels work to pick up proteins, excess fluid, bacteria and viruses, and removes waste from the cells.

By using very light pressure, rhythmic and circular motions, a massage therapist certified in Lymphatic Drainage can stimulate the lymph system to work more efficiently and help it move the lymph fluids back to the heart.

Who Should Get It?

Just about everyone can benefit from Lymphatic Massage.

If you’re feeling tired and low on energy, if you’ve been sick and feeling like your body is fighting to get back on track, if your athletic or recovering from a surgical procedure and you are experiencing mild swelling, if you suffer from fibromyaliga and chronic fatigue, suffer with allergies, or if you just want a fresh look and healthy glow you may want to consider lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic massage is often the treatment of choice, because it helps the body remove proteins and waste products from the affected area and reduce the swelling. This helps reduce pressure on cells, therefore reducing pain for those suffering from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, post-surgery, or swelling of any kind.

When lymph is moving freely in the face, you’ll have clearer, healthier skin without a buildup of toxins and fluids.

So, if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, experiencing mild to moderate swelling, recovering from a sports injury, or interested in optimizing your lymph system for stronger immunity, ask your certified massage therapist about lymphatic massage. It can have a powerful impact on your body’s ability to heal.

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