Our Favorite Ranch, Restaurant, & Grocery Store Recommendations……..


People often ask where we buy our meat, where we dine, and what grocery stores we shop at. So, I thought I’d answer all of the above!

We searched high and low to find the right farm to buy our grass-fed, grass-finished meat. We placed many phone calls in state and across the country and we tried several farms’ grass-fed/finished meats until we landed on THE BEST ranch to buy our beef, lamb and soon to be eggs (March of ’20) from! It’s called:

“Reverent Wild Ranch” and it’s located in Chickamauga, GA which is northwest of Atlanta. We love this farm because of how they pasture-raise, grass-feed and grass-finish their beef and lamb. They live by their motto, “Respectfully Ranching in Nature’s Image”. Check out their Facebook or Instagram page and you will understand why this is our #1 choice and source for meat! We are fortunate that they are located in Georgia!

Finding restaurants that offer organic, pasture-raised ingredients like we eat at home is not easy to find but we have a few favorites in Midtown and Atlanta that we love and frequent often. The first is a restaurant called “True Food Kitchen” was started by Dr. Andrew Weil, an integrative medicine doctor out of California. His philosophy being, “Food should make you feel better, not worse.” True Food Kitchen offers an array of delicious, organic, healthy menu options that make you want to come back again and again.

The next two are what we’d consider to be our kind of fast food. Super casual, fun environment. Everything is organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed & finished……….even the beer and wine is organic if you want to indulge in a cocktail. Yeah Burger has two locations. They have one on Howell Mill Road in Midtown and one on Highland Avenue in Atlanta. They offer great grass-fed/finished ground beef and bison burgers as well as veggie and turkey burgers, organic salad options, and their brussel sprouts (extra crispy, please!) with goat cheese are to die for!

Then there is “UpBeet”. It, too, is located on Howell Mill in Midtown and literally across the street and down a couple of buildings from Yeah Burger. UpBeet is also a super-hip atmosphere and is a salad and grain bowl restaurant. You can order something from their creatively-delicious menu or you can “make your own” bowl. All the ingredients are organic, grass-fed/finished, and pasture-raised. We love the “Spin Class” bowl!

 If you want a more fine-dining restaurant, we like Season’s 52 in Buckhead off of Peachtree. The food is outstanding and they offer a wide variety of appetizers, salads, entree salads, and entrees to choose from . Their menus change with the season, which is nice for variety sake and their chefs are incredibly talented, producing amazing dish after dish of beautifully plated food. You must also try their dessert menu as it is quite unique in that they are served in shot glasses. While it may seem small, it is just the right size and deliciousness!

 Grocery stores that carry a good variety of organic & pasture-raised items are:

-Whole Foods


 -Nature’s Pick

 If you have a favorite place you buy your meat, dine, or grocery shop where they offer organic, grass-fed/finished, humanely raised, or pasture-raised food, we’d love to hear about them!

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