The “Functional Medicine” approach and what that means… 


The “Functional Medicine” approach

Functional Medicine is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of illnesses, chronic diseases, and other health concerns. It differs from traditional medicine which often band-aids symptoms instead of getting to the cause of the issue at hand. On the flip side, functional medicine practitioners are on a quest to hit the bullseye of the cause, use testing to reveal answers, & provide customized protocols that are specific to the patient’s body and needs.  

At The Center for Health & Healing located in Marietta, Georgia, we assist patients who have a wide range of issues from thyroid and digestive problems to hormone and adrenal issues, fatigue, anxiety, infertility, and more. Dr. Dady works closely with each patient to fully understand their health history, starting from birth, their current symptoms, and lifestyle factors that may all be contributing to their condition. Dr. Dady is very much a determined detective figuring out each patient’s “why” factor or the root cause of their issue.  

One of the key benefits of healing holistically through functional medicine is that it reduces the risks associated with chronic disease. When the root cause is addressed and treated, it can help patients avoid the need for costly and invasive medical interventions down the road.  

If you’re not being heard or feel like you’re being dismissed by your present doctor and want a more holistic approach to healing, take a look at a functional medicine practitioner as a means to an end to your health issues. Ask your friends or family for their recommendations or simply Google “functional medicine doctors near me” looking at doctors with only 5-star reviews. The reviews will reveal what patients have experienced with that practitioner.  





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