Inflammatory Bowel


Inflammatory Bowel

Inflammatory bowel disease is a major

health problem that can disrupt and

dominate your life. I am sure you have

done the supposedly right things and yet

you are still sick and frustrated. You likely

went to your primary care physician. You

then went to a Gastroenterology. From

there, you went through many different

tests, including blood work, colonoscopies,

endoscopes, and CT scans.

Eventually, you received a diagnosis. You

were told that you had an inflammatory

bowel disease. Perhaps they gave it a name

colitis, Crohn’s or IBS disease. you were

then given a confusing explanation about

how the immune system was attacking

your bowel. They gave you one or more

prescription medications. You may have felt

you were heading down a dead-end road.

You were right.

Ihave also told you that yo

n discussing this with your doctor, if

they would have been honest with you, they would have told

you that there was no effective medical

treatment for inflammatory bowel disease.

They would have been right. They would

have also told you that you would eventually

need surgery. They would have been right.

The first thing you need to know is that you do not


You have a MAN MAD condition and it’s Acquired inflammatory bowel.



It does not matter what hospital

or what doctor you spoke with, as you would

have received the same disinformation. They are

all reading off the same page and the effective

treatment is not taught in medical school. The

doctor would be correct in saying that they

cannot cure you.

But, that does not mean there is no one who

can cure you. There is an effective alternative

treatment that will cure you of your condition.

You happened to get lucky today!

I guess it is your destiny to keep your colon.

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